A Targeted 30 Second Spot Online?

A few weeks ago my co-worker Maliki told me to check out a blog called CSS Tricks and to consider placing some banner ads on the site about KickApps. CSS designers, and web designers in general, are a major audience/customer for KickApps. Afterall, we’re essentially a software solution which designers and developers use to add cool features and functionality to their websites, such as social networking, user-generated content, video and widgets.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about banner ads for KickApps. I think they do help with awareness and brand building but for the most part we’ve had trouble measuring the effectiveness of some early campaigns we ran. Overall though, I’ve been hesitant to spend on this type of marketing unless it produces a direct and measurable result. Our strategy with online display advertising has been to only do it on highly targeted web design and development websites.

Following up on Maliki’s advice, we started a campaign on CSS Tricks a few weeks ago. The blog is run by Chris Coyier. He does an excellent job all around, and man, I have to say, the results for us have been tremendous. We’re currently running a banner on the homepage and we’re sponsoring his RSS feed and have sponsored two video screencasts. I’m not going to go into detail about the traffic stats and conversion rates but all I’ll say is that the results have been extremely impressive. Check out the short video screencast that Chris produces which we sponsored.

I still have mixed feelings about the effectiveness and ROI of display advertising for KickApps but when it’s something as targeted as CSS Tricks, the results have made it worth every penny.