One Step Closer to the Cloud with SugarSync

My transition to the cloud and being completely mobile for work and my digital life took a huge step forward when I signed up for SugarSync a few weeks ago. SugarSync is one of many cloud data storage and sync services that enables you to back up, sync, access and share your data over the internet.

With SugarSync you can upload the files on your computer(s) to their servers and the service keeps those files updated when you make changes locally on the computer you’re using. What this means for me and the majority of its users is that I can access those files from any computer that I own, if I download and install SugarSync’s software, or on any computer via a web browser.

It’s an interim step to being completely in the cloud that is pretty significant. While I still like having the data and content that’s most important to me stored locally or backed up on a external hard drive, I want two things: 1. back up and 2. being able to access the content and data on whatever device I’m on. SugarSync does both really well.

The things that that I like:
1. As advertised, it backs up your data and keeps it updated as you update it. Once you set up the management software that sits on your computer it uploads the files you want uploaded and keeps it sync’d in the background (this is an awesome feature). I’ve had a few hiccups where the applications seems to hang and stop syncing but when I Quit and Restart the application it has fixed itself.

2. The iPhone app is great. You can’t make changes to files that you’ve uploaded but you can view and download the files to send in an email. It’s a bit limiting this way. Interestingly, you can stream music files that you’ve uploaded, meaning you can carry your home PC’s music library with you. But, it seems that you can’t stream copy protected music files.

What’s missing?
I wish I could update files via the iPhone. I assume that would require the iPhone app to be able to access common file types (.doc, .ppt and .xls), and make and save changes. Other than that, I’m pretty happy about it.

I haven’t used all the features yet.¬† The Magic Folder seems to be very useful–enables you to assign files to the Magic Folder and actively make changes to documents in that Magic Folder on different devices. The changes are sync’d as though you’re using the same computer. That’s pretty cool.

I’m a big fan of cloud services. My question now is, will there be a point in time when I’m using too many¬† services and need to integrate them, or, will there be a single service that will give me everything I need?

Maybe Google will buy SugarSync and Evernote and I’ll be all set.

Thanks to @zarzecks for the suggestion.