Talking About Engagement on Marketing Voices

I met Jennifer Jones last year when she invited me to be a guest on her Marketing Voices podcast to talk about KickApps and social media in marketing. She was kind enough to have me on again and she published the podcast today. We talked about Engagement Marketing and went over some interesting examples of how our clients are using social media and KickApps to engage with their customers. You can listen to the podcast below.

For awhile now, marketers have gotten a bit distracted by social media, the technology and all the hype. To me, social media and the social web do a few things really well, most notably, they enables an entirely new way of connecting and engaging with customers and audiences.

It’s important to remember though that they’re not a panacea to all business ills and certainly aren’t solutions for everything. They are however extremely powerful and effective at enabling engagement, and for that reason, should be considered as part of most marketing and communications strategies.

Much thanks to Jennifer for a great conversation. Oh, BTW, check out my favorite podcast by Jennifer with a Navy fighter pilot flying on the USS Nimitz.