AT&T Getting Real?

I just saw this video from AT&T that was posted on YouTube and is apparently making the rounds. The message from AT&T is:

Listen, we know you think we suck but I we just want you to know that we’re spending all this money on our network and it’s really, really hard, OK? And we’re working really, really hard, OK? So maybe you should give us a break because we’re trying and you just don’t understand so let me try to explain it to you using social media so that you understand how much we’re really, really trying.

Here, watch for yourself:

I dunno about you, but I just have a really hard time accepting that bullshit from ANY brand. Where does that sense of entitlement and ‘Woe be Me’ bullshit come from? Come on, man! Sending MMS’ is hard? Have you seen what’s going on in Japan and Korea? 8 years ago?!

I don’t understand what AT&T thinks they’re achieving with this? Are they trying to be more real or at least their understanding of real by getting on Twitter and Facebook?

Unfortunately they’ve missed the point with the message. A real message would be:

Ya, we fucked up. We sold you a product, “more bars,” that just ain’t true. Sorry about that. Here’s what we’re doing to fix it and here’s your money back because you didn’t get what you paid for.

This, my friends at AT&T, is what the Social Web is about. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about business practices that are based on transparency and authenticity. It’s about ownership and being honest with your customers. It’s about winning them over.

Just because you get on Twitter, hire a personable fella who says things like, “we heard you,” it doesn’t mean shit if you don’t mean it. Show us that you mean it, AT&T.