Should I Get Apple TV & Kill My Cable?

Kevin Rose’s blog post about the latest Apple TV rumours had me asking if I’d buy it for $99. I’m sure the iOS platform, apps, sharing, etc., are interesting, but would it really make sense to add that to my home entertainment mix. I guess, for $99 you might as well give it a go just for shits and giggles.

Then I read on NewTeeVee this morning that Apple maybe in talks with the networks to offer show rentals for 99 cents and things started to get a lot more interesting.

I started wondering how much network TV programming I actually watch. I realized a while back that most of the programming I’m drawn to is on cable these days: No Reservations, Mad Men, Bizarre Foods, CNN, Entourage, True Blood, Californication, sports, etc. The only real network programming I watch consistently is probably the Big Bang Theory. So, maybe the occasional Letterman?

Well, let’s look at some simple math (it has to be simple because I was a Liberal Arts major).

My current cable bill from RCN.

12 month cable TV cost

Now, what if killed my cable subscription and got Apple TV, kept my Netflix (2 discs at a time, including Blu Ray), broadband and assumed I’d rent 30 shows per month (that’s being very generous because I don’t think I watch that many)?

12 month cost for Apple TV and Netflix

That’s a saving of about $570 a year (which can go to pay-per-view…just kidding, well, maybe not kidding, nevermind, different post).

The only hesitation to killing cable programming completely might be sports in HD and CNN. I’m sure I could find an online solution pretty soon though.

Of course all of this is moot until Apple makes a move. Oh BTW, did you hear that Apple announced a special event on September 1st?