A Brief Visit

Today was my last day as head of strategy and client services at Deep Focus. It was a relatively short stay, although it felt much longer than 7.5 months.

I feel very fortunate to have spent time working with the agency’s founder and CEO, Ian Schafer. Ian’s looked at as a big brain in the digital and engagement market industry (he really has a big brain), and I learned a fair amount during my time there. Thank you Ian for the opportunity.

I’m pleased with much of what was accomplished at Deep Focus while I was there. I got the chance to help build a stellar team and I think the department is in really good shape now. I worked with some really interesting clients and helped solve some challenging digital marketing problems for them (keep your eye on LMK.com, trust me, you’ll want their new app that will launch very soon). I found some great partners in the very talented Steve Evans, the agency’s CFO/COO, and Ken Kraemer, Deep Focus’ Group Creative Director. They’re both gentlemen, scholars and surprisingly good at Karaoke, and in Steve’s case, very well versed in the┬átambourine.

Thank you to my team: Kristen, Margherita, Katie, Thayer, Alex and Nikkayla. Your dedication and commitment to great work and solving problems is very inspiring.

Why leave? There’s no crazy story or scandal. It is time to move on.

So, what’s next?

Well, I’ll take a bit of time off but will be back online soon enough.

  • Ian

    You’ll be missed, Michael. Thanks for everything!